Preparation method of CuW/CrCu integral high-voltage electrical contacts



The invention discloses a preparation method of CuW/CrCu integral high-voltage electrical contacts, which includes the following steps of: firstly taking and mixing CuW powder and CrCu powder with the mass percentage of 1 to 1.5:0.001 to 0.01 and then adopting a cold mold and a hot mold; wherein the cold mold comprises an upper mold and a lower mold which are separated and have a cavity in the interior; a dismountable gasket is arranged between the upper mold and the lower mold; a dismountable mold core b is arranged in the interior cavity of the lower mold; a tungsten skeleton is pressed in the cold mold and the infiltration and sintering are carried out in a cylindrical pot; the hot mold comprises an external mold with a cavity in the interior, and a dismountable mold core a is arranged in the cavity of the interior of the external mold, infiltrated and sintered in the hot mold and then is put into the cold mold for pressing a flange; and then the CuW/CrCu integral high-voltage electrical contacts are obtained after machining. The preparation method of CuW/CrCu integral high-voltage electrical contacts uses the hot mold and cold mold with the mold core structure in sintering with no need of being machined after being processed into entity, thus achieving the purpose of saving materials.




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