Vehicle curtain with sun and frost protection function


  • Inventors: WANG JUE
  • Assignees: 王珏
  • Publication Date: October 22, 2014
  • Publication Number: CN-203888582-U


The utility model relates to a vehicle curtain with a sun and frost protection function, comprising a curtain body and suckers. The curtain body includes an inner layer and an outer layer. The inner layer is a thermal insulation layer with thickness 0.2-0.4cm. The outer layer is a reflective layer with thickness 0.1-0.1cm. The thermal insulation layer is connected with the reflective layer through a fine line. The suckers are arranged on the curtain body. The vehicle curtain is simple in structure, convenient to use and low in price of materials, has sun protection in summer and frost protection in winter and can serve as a leisure carpet for people sitting and lying in outdoor activities.




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