Circuit board packaging device



The utility model discloses a circuit board packaging device which comprises a frame body (3), a cover plate (1) and storage racks (4). The cover plate (1) is placed at the upper end of the frame body (3), and a plurality of grooves (2) which are evenly arrayed are oppositely formed in the two inner side faces of the frame body (3). The grooves (2) are arrayed in the width direction of the inner side faces, and the storage racks (4) are placed in the grooves (2). V-shaped grooves (5) are formed in the storage racks (4), and the directions of openings of the corresponding V-shaped grooves (5) of the storage racks (4) are opposite. The circuit board packaging device has the advantages that the service life is long, the structure is simple, the protective effect is good after a circuit board is packaged, and the risk of circuit board transportation breakage is lowered.




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