Cold and hot water heat preservation pipe



The utility model discloses a cold and hot water heat preservation pipe. The cold and hot water heat preservation pipe is characterized in that a heat preservation layer, a liner pipe and an outer sleeve are sequentially arranged outside a cold and hot water steel pipe, the outer sleeve is an HDPE plastic pipe, the liner pipe is a steel thin-walled pipe which is manufactured in the outer sleeve in a liner mode, and the heat preservation layer is a polyurethane foam layer arranged between the cold and hot water steel pipe and the liner pipe in a filled mode. Compared with the prior art, the cold and hot water heat preservation pipe is good in tenacity and high in shock resistance, the strength, the rigidity, the waterproofness and the corrosion resistance of the heat preservation pipe are improved, and the heat preservation pipe is simple in structure, light in weight, good in heat preservation effect, low in manufacturing cost and convenient to construct, and effectively reduces heat loss of a pipe network.




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