Combined type attachment frame device of tower crane



The utility model relates to a combined type attachment frame device of a tower crane. The combined type attachment frame device is arranged outside a standard knot of the tower crane and comprises a square frame which consists of four single L-shaped attachment frame pieces and fastening members, wherein each single L-shaped attachment frame piece comprises a connecting lug plate, and two steel channel bodies which are equal in length and are mutually vertical and intersectant, each connecting lug plate is embedded at an intersecting place of the corresponding two steel channel bodies, the right-angled edge of the inner side of the connecting plug plate can be matched with a main chord of the standard knot; flange boards are arranged at two openings of the single L-shaped attachment frame piece, and are fixed on the steel channel bodies, the flange boards of the two adjacent single L-shaped attachment frame pieces are fastened together through the fastening member; and through holes are formed in the connecting lug plates. According to the combined type attachment frame device, the two kinds of single L-shaped attachment frame pieces are adopted, according to difference of positions of building attachment points and through a combination manner of different single L-shaped attachment frame pieces, a reasonable attachment rod connecting manner is selected, and thus the use stability and safety of the tower crane are enhanced.




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