Air inlet structure of fire extinguisher


  • Inventors: WANG ZHICHENG
  • Assignees: 王志成
  • Publication Date: December 03, 2014
  • Publication Number: CN-203971239-U


The utility model discloses an air inlet structure of a fire extinguisher. The air inlet structure comprises a bottle body, an upper cover and an air inlet control unit, wherein an opening is formed in the upper part of the bottle body; the upper cover can cover the opening in the upper part of the bottle body; a leading-out channel, an air inlet channel, a first joint part and a second joint part are arranged on the upper cover; an air inlet groove hole is formed in the first joint part; the second joint part has two parallel side walls and a bottom wall; the top of a high-pressure steel bottle is joined with the first joint part of the upper cover; the air inlet control unit comprises a check valve, a striker, a spring, a pressing rod, a switch handle and a pin; the check valve is arranged on the inner side of the air inlet channel of the upper cover; the striker is arranged in the air inlet groove hole and the perforated part of the second joint part; a needle part is arranged at the bottom end of the striker; a propping part is arranged at the top end of the striker; the spring can push against the striker. According to the air inlet structure, when the pin is taken off, the switch handle can act and drive the pressing rod to rotate and the pressing part can press the striker to move for piercing the high-pressure steel bottle, so that the effects of effort-saving operation and relatively good safety can be achieved.




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