Pipeline-free massage pump with guide grooves and automatic-correction installation method


  • Inventors: Shi taishan
  • Assignees: 石泰山
  • Publication Date: December 10, 2014
  • Publication Number: CN-203987778-U


The utility model discloses a pipeline-free massage pump with guide grooves and an automatic-correction installation method. The massage pump comprises a pump body, a motor, an impeller, a surface cover, a water inlet and a water outlet, wherein at least three installation holes penetrate from the end surface of the pump body to the installation end surface of the pump body and a bathtub, the side wall of the pump body is provided with a guide groove corresponding to each installation hole, a bolt is arranged corresponding to each installation hole and each guide groove, the thread end head of each bolt is provided with a fixing buckle which is positioned at the back surface of the end surface of the pump body, each fixing buckle is gradually clamped into each guide groove along with the continuous retraction of a screw, the outer diameter of a circle formed by the fixing buckles is greater than the inner diameter of each installation hole of the bathtub, and the wall of the bathtub is pressed to fix the pump body on the bathtub. The pipeline-free massage pump has the advantages that the detachment of the surface cover or the skirt edge is not needed, and the massage pump can be directly arranged on the bathtub, so the trouble of installation and the damage to the bathtub are saved; by arranging an inclined air inlet passage, the air inlet direction forms spiral mixing with the water outlet direction, more gas is mixed into the water, and the mixed air bubble is more uniform and smooth.




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