Rotary-transshipment scraper conveyor



The utility model discloses a rotary-transshipment scraper conveyor. The rotary-transshipment scraper conveyor comprises a scraper conveyor body (1), a walking steering wheel and a rotating mechanism, wherein the walking steering wheel is arranged at one end of the scraper conveyor body, and the rotating mechanism is arranged between the ends of the scraper conveyor body. The rotating mechanism is a cylinder mechanism or a bogie mechanism. The cylinder mechanism comprises an upper cylinder (2), a lower cylinder (3) and a rotating sleeve for connecting the upper cylinder and the lower cylinder. The bogie mechanism comprises a loose joint, a carrying beam (5a) and a gyration device. A material-falling plate (2a) is arranged at the rear of the scraper conveyor body. The front of the scraper conveyor body is provided with an annular material-receiving plate (3a) provided with an oblique mouth. The loose joint comprises a supporting plate (11), a rotating shaft (12) and a connecting plate (10) movably matched with the rotating shaft, wherein the supporting plate is arranged on a cross beam or the carrying beam, and the rotating shaft is arranged on the supporting plate. The rotary-transshipment scraper conveyor can walk in a servo mode and continuously turn and can achieve long-distance conveying. Accordingly, production efficiency can be greatly enhanced, usage of labor force is reduced, conveyed materials are not wasted, and meanwhile environmental protection is facilitated.




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