Novel active self-adaptive suspension mechanism



The utility model relates to a novel active self-adaptive suspension mechanism for a small-sized wheel type movable carrying platform at the bottom of the sea. The mechanism comprises six suspension rods, and a positive and negative quadrilateral structure is formed by the six suspension rods which are articulated with one another; one of the six suspension rods is replaced by a hydraulic cylinder, only tension and pressure are applied to the suspension rod, and the suspension rod has a two-force rod structure; extending ends of the another three suspension rods are respectively connected with a front wheel, a middle wheel and a rear wheel; and a damping spring is connected between the two parallel suspension rods. The suspension mechanism is deformed by the relative rotation of all rod pieces of the suspension mechanism so as to adapt to the change of terrain, so that the stability of a machine body is guaranteed; the height of a center of gravity of the machine body can be controlled by actively adjusting the extension of the hydraulic cylinder, so that the travelling stability of the movable platform can be guaranteed; and all the suspension rods are designed by a constant strength mechanism, and the damping spring is capable of effectively alleviating the impact coming from the uneven ground of the bottom of the sea, so that the service lives of the suspension mechanism and equipment carried by the suspension mechanism can be prolonged.




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