Special lifting appliance for high-temperature flange ring part



The utility model relates to a lifting mechanism, in particular to a special lifting appliance for a high-temperature flange ring part, and aims to solve the problems of time and energy consumption, low work efficiency, harsh operation environment of a worker and the like when a conventional flange ring part is processed. The special lifting appliance comprises a spindle, a sliding sleeve and support claw arms symmetrically fixed at the tail of the lower end of the spindle, wherein an inner diameter support claw is movably fixed on each support claw arm; an arrow-shaped diameter-variable bulge section is arranged at the middle-lower part of the spindle, and sliders are symmetrically nested on the spindle and located below the arrow-shaped diameter-variable bulge section; a lifting ring is fixed at the upper end of the sliding sleeve; each of two sides at the middle-lower part of the sliding sleeve is connected with one end of the corresponding inner diameter support claw through a chain; and sliding hooks movably matched with the sliders and the arrow-shaped diameter-variable bulge section are symmetrically hinged with two sides of the lower end of the sliding sleeve. The special lifting appliance for the high-temperature flange ring part is simple in structure and reasonable in design, can be operated by one worker, can be operated remotely and reduces labor cost, so that the operation environment of the worker is greatly improved, the work efficiency is improved, and the special lifting appliance has a certain popularization and application value.




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