Desktop intelligent recognition system


  • Inventors: HE LEI
  • Assignees: 何磊
  • Publication Date: February 11, 2015
  • Publication Number: CN-204155294-U


The utility model provides a desktop intelligent recognition system, which comprises a desktop, a video camera, an intelligent tracking tag and a computer, wherein the video camera is located above the desktop, a camera of the video camera faces to the desktop, the video camera carries out signal transmission with the intelligent tracking tag and the computer, and is used for positioning the intelligent tracking tag; the intelligent tracking tag is arranged on a recognition target and comprises an LED module code sending circuit, the LED module code sending circuit comprises a power supply, a power supply lamp, an infrared lamp and a single chip microcomputer, the single chip microcomputer controls the LED module code sending circuit to transmit corresponding Morse codes, and the infrared lamp has corresponding strobe frequency;and the computer transmits signals with the intelligent tracking tag for recognizing the recognition target where the intelligent tracking tag is positioned. The desktop intelligent recognition system has the advantages of high recognition precision and high anti-interference capability, can carry out fast recognition and positioning on the target, and satisfies the technical requirements of intelligent recognition positioning.




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